Seamless Cotton Sharkstooth Scrim

  • 2-Thread Cotton/Polyester FR Sharkstooth Scrim
  • Flat & Seamless
  • Create Lighting & Projected Effects and Reveals & Transitions.
  • Webbing w/Grommets & Ties On 12″ Centers | 2″ Open Side Hem | 4″ Pipe Pocket Bottom
  • Available In White & Black
  • Call For Weekly & Long-Term Pricing
  • Standard Sizes:
    • 16’H X 30’W | 16’H X 40’W | 16’H X 50’W
    • 20’H X 25’W | 20’H X 40’W | 20’H X 50’W
    • 24’H X 40’W | 24’H X 50’W
    • 30’H X 40’W | 30’H X 50’W

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Additional information

Our 2-Thread Sharkstooth Scrims are made of a Cotton and Polyester blend used in stage productions to create scene transitions and visual effects. Used primarily as a lighting and projection surface, the scrim becomes virtually opaque when lit from the front, and translucent when rear lit, revealing the stage & set behind. Projected Imagery appears suspended on the scrim, producing a holographic-like illusion.

Care Info

Dry Brush Only

Color Family White, Black
Fabric Content 95% Cotton | 5% Polyester
Fire Rating NFPA 701 Small Scale
Fire Spec FR