When it comes to the world of Hospitality there are many industries that make up this dynamic category. However, the one underlining thing that connects them all is the desire to create a great customer experience. One of the key ingredients in making this happen takes a well-designed environment. Our line of decorative and technical fabrics, along with our in-house custom sewing and framing services gives you the tools and resources needed to bring your project from rendering to reality.

We work with brands, interior designers, creative directors, fabricators, and architects to help build these unique spaces or transform existing ones. From simple drapery and hardware, printed fabric wall coverings, to fabric projection surfaces to create fully immersive digital décor. Contact us today to see how we can make your space create a lasting impression.

SEG Frames & Graphics
Curtain Track & Hardware
Specialty Curtains
Custom Printed Curtains
Space Dividers
Wall & Ceiling Coverings
Sound Absorption Drapery
Blackout Curtains
Fabric Projection Screens
Decorative Drapery

Resorts & Spas
Convention Centers
Cruise Ships
Bars & Nightclubs
Amusement Parks


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