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How to estimate pipe & drape needs when planning an event.

SEG Frames, custom printing/fabrication, various fabrics/products. Global Shop Booth Design.

Superior Communications - 2005

Stage Backdrop - Worship

Ceiling treatment, Alchemy - gold. Sag Awards -People Magazine & E Official After PartyEvent Eleven & CRDzines

Micron Mesh, Projection.“Celebrating The Legacy of Pope John Paul”Photo courtesy of Hargrove, Inc.

Frans Bauer

Stage Panels - Burn-Out Knit Bubbles

Worship - Stage Backdrop

Lincoln Center Gala

Silver Disk Curtains, rental. Ovation Awards

Velvet stage curtains. Religious Ceremony

Perimeter masking - Brilliance, gold. Fox' Primetime Emmy Awards

Deco Chandeliers - Event Décor

Strie Satin Gold, Ceiling and wall draping.SAG Awards After Party'People' and Entertainment FoundationEvent Eleven

Neiman Marcus - Garden State Plaza Mall - New Wing 2015

Custom Swagged ceiling for Wedding - Renaissance Hotel, Ohio

Orbitals, MAG-LED Wall - Exhibit Event

White String Curtains - Event décor

Ceiling treatment, White NuVoile Plus. Event Décor - Ceiling Swags

PAVE Gala 2012 - New York, NY

Corporate event featuring Austrian Zips Modulars in Silver Black Spangle Mesh.

White Taipei Silk - ceiling treatment. Charity Gala - Bradley H. Picklesimer, Designer

Custom printing, custom fabrication - Heavy Celtic Cloth. CVS- Stop Smoke Campaign - Revolution Marketing

Masking draperies, Cashmere Milano Velvet. HBO Big Little Lies Premiere

Event at the World Trade Center Freedom Tower using Black Milano masking drapery to create an event space withing the

Rental masking & draping. NAACP VIP Pods

Custom Masking Drapery - Pearl Ice Velvet. Permanent Install.Hilton Hotel Universal Studio - CA

Pewter/Black Molten Lava Stage Curtain.MPI Annual Dinner - Pembroke Pines, FL.

White NuVoile Plus Ceiling and tent lining. Wedding Event Décor

Star Drop with NuVoile Austrian

Custom Printed/fabricated banners.Preview Party - Ender's GameChad Hudson Events, Line 8 Photography

Icebergs the Exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington DC features Suppression Mesh that was dyed blue and suspended by aircraft cable. The mesh was used to create the entire perimeter of the exhibit.

Virginia Mason's Dreambuilders Ball 2011 - Westin Seattle WA

Constellation Star Drops - Emmy's Governor's Ball

NuVoile Plus - Poppy, Pipe & base tent. Coachella Tent


ChromaLink Chain curtain - custom. 88th Academy Awards

Silhouette Tiles

ICLA Icon Awards - Honey Sweet Productions

SEG CD2 Modular Frames. Custom fabrication. Easy Spirit Booth

Stage decor created from Black Milano, Silver bead curtains and Gold Strie Satin.

Rental masking & draping. NAACP VIP Pods

Masking Drapery - Rental -Amopé Product Launch - Abel McCallister - Grand Central Station.

Stage Projection

Panne Velvet, Garnet, Austrian curtain, perimeter masking.Jazz Lounge - Grammy's After Party, Angel City Designs.Sean Twomey/2me Studios Photography

Masking - Strie Satin. Emmy Awards Green RoomClient: 28 Awards Production Inc. Venue: Emmy Awards Green Room

Cosmic Truss's Skull with eyes fabricated with Trapeze Plus from the LDI show in Nov. 2016.

Rouge Milano rental drapery panels; Silver tear drop bead curtains; Silver eyelash - SDSA Film California

Masking draperies, Cashmere Milano Velvet. HBO Big Little Lies Premiere

Alchemy Gold ceiling treatment. 18th Annual SAG Awards -People Magazine & E!Event Eleven & CRDzines

Alchemy - Gold Fabricated/Rental drapes used for the opening scene for a movie called ‘WHAT NOW’ Used for masking, 16’h x 10’w / 16’h x 5’w.

Orbitals, Silhouette Towers - Holiday Party

Copper/Black Mirror Organdy, ceiling treatment. Sag Awards

Custom Fabrication. 58th Annual Grammy Awards - Angel City DesignsSean Twomey/2me Studios photography.

LED Star Drop - Ceiling

Custom fabrication, Brilliance, Circus.The Tourist After Party - Gotham Hall, NYC.

Custom Fabricated Stage CurtainPassport - Fashion Show

Custom DaVinci Velvet stage curtain & permanent install. White Eagle Hall , Jersey City, NJ

Tent swags, NuVoile, Ivory. Visual Elements Events - Tent Decor

Dazian Set Décor & Costume Fabrics

Custom Framing & Fabrication - Willow Creek Church Christmas Pageant

Metallic Disk Curtains. Ovation Awards

Taipei Silk - custom ceiling treatment and draping. Pierre Hotel, NYC - Wedding

Projection mapping onto Chromalink Chain for an event at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica, CA.

Rental NuVoile Austrian. Ovation Awards

Custom printing, custom fabrication. Event Décor - Bvlgari Gala

The Pierre Hotel - Ceiling Swags

NuVoile draping, masking & tent decor

Herve Leger in West Hollywood. Custom Printed String Curtains.

Harrods – London, UK. Whirlybird Floral Sheeting.

Colin Cowie produced birthday party using Mag LED Walls and Star Halo Tiles as a unique stage backdrop at the Lowes Regency Hotel in NYC. We installed.

Brilliance Hi-Silver Masking - TSE Wedding Gala

White LED Star Drop - Four Seasons, West Lake - Bar Mitzvah

Stage Curtain - Milano Plus Velvet. The Ellen ShowArt Direction: Jay Heiserman. Photo Courtesy of Michael Rozman.

Custom Screen made for the new NJ TV newsroom made from printed Triple White and placed on a flexible track.

LA Confidential Room

Custom printed/fabricated Spirals. Univision at MGM Studios, Florida

Orbitals, Bloomingdale's NYC

Strie Satin and Jewel Dupioni, Silver tent décor.Product launch. Galaxy Note II Launch - Los Angeles, CAEvent Eleven

Masking draperies, Cashmere Milano Velvet. HBO Big Little Lies Premiere

Tent - Ceiling Treatment - Raphael Event Works

Custom Smoke Stacks & Chandeliers Special Event

Tent Draping, NuVoile Ivory, Chocolate. - BAM Specialty Fabric Draping

Rental stretch shapes & custom truss covers. Latin Finance Dinner

Masking draperies, Cashmere Milano Velvet. HBO Big Little Lies Premiere

Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band - 2012

Rental masking & draping. NAACP VIP Pods

Freeman - Pipe & Base
Anaheim Ducks

NuVoile, White, Custom draping, custom décor. American Yacht Club - Tent & Ceiling Draping (Detail)

Latin Grammy Awards 2015

Global Shop 2016

Delpozo Fashion 2015 Show - Chelsea Piers, NYC

Red Velvet Curtains. Mont Blanc International - Prominent Charity Gala

Vector HD Tiles with Custom printed tiles. - Intersections International 10TH Annual Gala

Superior Communications - 2005

Gravity NYC

2016 LA Fashion Week lounge with a perimeter created from Vector HD Tiles in Chrome Surf.

Taipei Silk - Royal, Ceiling draping, tent liners.LA Philharmonic – Season OpeningGershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” – Walt Disney Concert Hall

CD2 Structure, custom structure, Deauville Mesh skin, projection, projection mapping. SUBPAC - Terranea Resort, Newport Beach,

AAV Tallahassee event featuring white Panne Velvet masking drapery down a hallway creating an entry way for the event.

Silhouette Tiles & Vector HD Tiles

Custom Framing & Fabrication - Willow Creek Church Christmas Pageant

Vector Tile Screen Surround and Stage Sets for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Awards using Chrome Vector HD Tiles in Surf.

Custom Bead Curtain. Emmy's Governor’s Ball – Reigning With Radiance.

Custom Fabrication. MOMA PS1 WENDY - Long Island City. HWKN Design, NY

Taipei Silk custom stage curtains. Academy Awards

Tent Ceiling treatment - NuVoile Ivory. Event Décor

Brooks Brothers Showroom, NY. Custom curtains.

Wedding Lightscape with white masking drapery and NuVoile swags with string lights.

Masking - Sag Awards After Party

Brilliance Hi-Silver Masking. TSE Wedding Gala

Custom fabrication - NuVoile. Gotham Hall - New York, NY

ChromaLink Chain Curtains - Worship Stage

Custom printing/fabrication. The Kenedy Center Honors - Washington DC

Regal Chandelier. TSE Gala

Custom Gold Draping for the Children's Hospital LA event.

Custom fabrication art installation using Trapeze Plus with rear projection.

Silver round bead curtain cages and stage curtains.

NuVoile, White, Custom draping, custom décor. American Yacht Club - Tent & Ceiling Draping

LightScape with Silhouette Towers

The Pierre Hotel - Ceiling Swags

NuVoile Plus curtains, Bead curtains, Regal Chandeliers. Wedding Decor

Custom Swags - Church Stage

The Pierre Hotel - Ceiling Swags

Vector Tiles -West Virginia State Fair

2017 LAFW - LA Fashion Week - Vector HD Tiles in Chrome Cristal create the backdrop for the beauty bar at the opening night gala event.

Custom Alchemy Gold drapery - Sag Awards -People Magazine & E Official After Party

Taipei Silk Masking. Special Event - perimeter draping

ChromaLink Chain, gold, custom fabrication, custom installation. Cartier event - Ron Wendt Design - Before & After

Delpozo 2015 Fashion Show - Chelsea Piers, NYC

Metallic Disk Curtains. Price Is Right

Ceiling swags - NuVoile. perimeter masking - White CarbonightBat Mitzvah - Trump National Golf Club

Rental Austrian curtain. The Ellen ShowArt Direction: Jay Heiserman. Photo Courtesy of Michael Rozman

Custom fabrication/printing, Alchemy, custom pillows. Heineken Lounge

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