Coated Grey/Black Ripstop

  • Black Ripstop with an opaque Aluminum Grey Polyurethane coating.
  • Creates a soft bounce with even light distribution.
  • 100% Nylon | NFR | 60″W | 1.03oz. | Approx. Piece Size: 100yds.
  • Available In Black/Grey Only

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Type Yards / Qty Cost
Cut / Qty < 100 $14.35
Piece / Qty> 100 $12.25
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Type Yards / Qty Cost
Cut / Qty < 100 $14.35
Piece / Qty> 100 $12.25

Additional information

Grey Bounce is used to fill shadows brought on by natural or artificial light. It creates contrast and increases highlights on the subject. Unlike metallic or mirror-like chrome bounce fabrics, this aluminum grey style softens and evenly distributes reflective light without irritating light flares or hotspots. Grey Bounce is ideal for use in photography, film and television productions.

Care Info

Spot clean with commercial cleanser or soap & water. Recommend testing a small section first.

Color Family Grey, Black
Fabric Content 100% Nylon | Polyurethane
Fire Rating NFR
Fire Spec NFR
Weight Lin 5 oz.
Weight Sq 3.01 oz.