It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a corporate event, a wedding, an award show, a charity event, or a lavish party—we do it all here at Dazian. And, we care greatly for each and every one of these event productions, no matter the size or scope. Since our company’s inception, what’s made us different is this desire to deliver the best to all of our customers for all of their needs.

All the Event Fabric & Scenic Elements You Need

To create a truly remarkable event, you need to have an environment that grabs people’s attention and strikes them visually and emotionally. But you can only do that effectively with a huge collection of fabrics, masking and décor drapery, and scenic elements to choose from. And that’s exactly what we provide you. From backdrops, stage elements, and custom graphics to custom ceiling treatments, projection screens, chandeliers and LED lighting products, we have everything you could ever imagine needing to design an unforgettable event experience.

Types of Events

  • Social 
  • Galas
  • Private Events
  • Corporate
  • Brand Marketing/Product Launching 
  • Red Carpet | Premieres 
  • Fashion Shows
  • Festivals
  • Weddings

Fabric Products & Services for Event Design

  • Long Term & Short Term Rentals
  • Fabrics & Custom Fabrication
  • Delivery & Installation Services
  • Masking & Stage Draperies
  • Curtain Track & Kabuki Drops
  • Ceiling Treatments & Interior Tent Liners
  • Projection Fabrics 
  • Backdrops: Star Drops | Digitally Printed Backdrops | Theatrical Curtains
  • Canopies | Sails: Mesh | Tension Fabrics, Custom Fabrications, Fabrics (Coated Deauville Mesh, Acrobat, Trapeze and more) 
  • Stage Décor: Vector HD Tiles, Terrain Surfaces, Star Drops
  • Acoustical Drapery 
  • Scenic Elements

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