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The Rise of Fabric Projection Screens

Author - Dazian


As projection technologies continue to advance, the opportunity to implement projection into events, exhibitions, and architectural designs increase. Where LED video display once dominated, designers are discovering the ease, versatility and cost effectiveness modern projection systems provide. But, what good is a projector without a surface? For decades Vinyl Projection Screens set the standard for all other screen materials to follow. But what was this standard? For the most part, brightness. For years the goal was to match the gain measurement vinyl offered. The idea was that the brighter the screen the better it was. This was because vinyl screens were primarily used in movie theatres, or in spaces requiring a bright screen for viewing purposes. In turn these bright screens would act as a light source, bouncing light, illuminating the room to a point where it was distracting and irritating for the viewers.

The Shape of Projection | Beyond Squares & Rectangles

As designers are becoming more comfortable in working with these new projectors, mapping programs, and creating content, the construction of the projection surface presents all new challenges. Projection is evolving into an art medium, creating sculptures, architectural facades, event décor and stage scenery. Most of these new surfaces are not simple 2D shapes and structures, but rather complex in shape, size, and dimension. Fabrics offer the physical requirements to construct these imaginative designs. Some designs may require a substructure or frame for the fabric to attach to in-order for the fabric to keep or make the shape. Traditional vinyl screens don’t provide enough variety, or have attributes needed to execute many of these requirements. With fabric you get the material variety, wide widths, screen styles, flexibility, and more customization and implementation options.

Hello, My Name Is ProjecTex TM | Fabrics & Services

This explosion of projection inspired us to really take a look at our fabric options to create a diverse collection of styles that met this growing demand. Dazian’s ProjecTexTM fabrics offers a comprehensive line of projection fabrics. From coated and non-coated front and rear projection; mesh and scrim, stretch, blackout, muslin, and sheers. All are flame retardant, and ready for purchase by the yard, roll or as a finished screen or surface made to your precise specification. Our custom fabrication department is here to work with you every step of the way. From fabric recommendations to design consultations, and execution of your finished screen. We’ve collaborated with scene shops, exhibit houses, production designers, technical directors, and event producers to deliver unique, custom fabric projection screens. Our projection fabrics are creating everything from of fully immersive spaces and events, art installations, marketing and brand launching activations, to temporary outdoor screens, museum exhibits, live event screens and technical scenery, and so much more.

As the use of projection continues to grow we’ll be here, to introduce new and innovative fabrics to ensure that you’ll have a partner that can provide the fabrics, finished screen and solutions to turn your vision into reality. Contact your local Dazian office today. Together we’ll make cool things happen.



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