Sustainable Fabric Solutions for Live Events

These groundbreaking brands offer a variety of fabrics to produce the elements our clients use for their events.

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In the world of live events—where spectacle and creativity collide, and experiences are custom-crafted to leave lasting impressions—the question of how we can implement green practices and utilize sustainable materials to produce these events presents a crucial point of discussion throughout the industry.


We are making significant investments towards addressing these concerns with our innovative sustainable fabric brands: Evoke™ and Revert™. These groundbreaking brands offer a variety of fabrics to produce the elements our clients use for their events.

Evoke™ and Revert™: Eco-Friendly Fabric Solutions

Evoke™ fabrics are designed from the ground up to be eco-friendly. Made from 100% GRS 4.0 Certified Recycled Polyester Fiber, these textiles originate from post-consumer plastic waste, transforming items that would otherwise clutter our planet into essential elements of your next production. Each yard of Evoke™ fabric is produced from a unique number of recycled plastic bottles. Whether it’s the soft hand of Milano® Velvet Plus or the durable stretch of Trapeze® Plus, Evoke™ offers a sustainable alternative without compromising on quality.


Conversely, Revert™ takes sustainability into the realm of biodegradability. Crafted from 100% Biodegradable Huvis Ecoen Polyester Fiber, Revert™ materials degrade much faster than traditional Polyester—within a few years in both marine and landfill environments. Its rapid breakdown significantly reduces the environmental impact, offering a solution to the age-old issue of fabric waste contributing to landfill mass.


Evoke™ and Revert™ fabrics are used to create a variety of stage & event products:

As we get older, there comes a time in everyone’s life when we start to look outwards rather than inwards and understand our responsibilities to others and the world we inhabit. The sober realization that each of us has an obligation and responsibility to preserve our environment and the limited capability for the renewal of our planet’s resources is a necessary first step to ensure a future for generations to come.
Jon Weingarten | Owner/CEO

Rentals: The OG Sustainable Event Décor Solution

As the leading supplier of Rental Drapery, SEG Frames, Hardware, Scenic Elements, Backdrops, and Décor in the US, our diverse collection provides an array of solutions for designers to choose from.


Rental Drapery on average (depending on the type of fabric and handling) can be rented anywhere from 8-15 times. When damaged, it can be altered to a new size or repaired to extend its use. Working with reusable rental products is a great way to implement green practices and limit waste in your production.

The Path Forward: Recycled or Biodegradable Fabrics

As the industry debates the best green direction—recycled vs. biodegradable fabrics—and as we eagerly await the development of fabric recycling standards, processes, equipment, and advancements in eco-friendly fibers, we will continue our position in providing the most current, sustainable fabric solutions for our customers. We invite you to join us in this transformative journey. Elevate your work, reduce your ecological footprint, and become a pioneer in the sustainable movement within the live event space.


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