Is Rental Drape Safe to Use During COVID 19?

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Many of you have been asking this question during the COVID pandemic of whether hard surfaces would be safer at an event than fabric drapes for masking, space dividers, and décor. The rationale behind the use of hard surfaces is that they can be sanitized more easily than drapery.

We have researched in great detail the length of time that COVID 19 can survive on a wide range of surfaces. The landmark study analyzing the stability of the virus on surfaces appeared in the influential British Medical Journal The Lancet, in April of 2020.

“Stability of SARS-CoV-2 in different environmental conditions” by Alex W H Chin, Julie T S Chu, Mahen R A Perera, Kenrie P Y Hui, Hui-Ling Yen, Michael C W Chan, Malik Peiris, *Leo L M Poon
In summary the article investigated the stability of the virus under different temperatures and on different surfaces. The investigation found the following:
1) “No infectious virus could be recovered from printing and tissue paper after a 3 hour incubation period”
2) “No infectious virus could be detected on treated wood and cloth on day 2”
3) “By contrast Sars-COV-2 was more stable on smooth surfaces”
4) “No infectious virus could be detected from treated smooth surfaces on day 4 (glass and banknote) or day 7 (stainless steel and plastic)

Other studies on clothing have found that the porous structure of Fabrics along with the high number of filaments in the yarn, make it an unwelcome environment for sustaining the infection potential of the virus.

Although hard surfaces can be disinfected with virucides, it is questionable how often it can be done before the hard surface becomes a medium for the virus again.

At Dazian, we have addressed the protection issue of using Rental Drapes, by sequestering the drape panels for 3 days after a rental use to provide an extra margin of safety that they are not contaminated with the virus. When they are rented again with ground support, we disinfect all the pipe and base before sending to a client and/or venue.

Furthermore, all of our Rental team, including our installers, must go through rigorous safety checks based on Dazian’s COVID 19 Safety Policy, which is available at Dazian COVID 19 Safety Policy for Customers.
Although there are no guarantees for protecting any individual from becoming infected by COVID 19, Dazian has taken the extra steps necessary to protect you and your clients.



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