How Do I Illuminate My Event Space with Style?

Lighting is an important part of any event as this basic element can affect the vibe and the mood of a space whether your guests are aware of it or not. This idea is universally understood in the TV, film, and arts industries, the concept is catching on in other areas, like tradeshows and conferences too.

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Light is an integral aspect of experiencing any event, but it doesn’t always get the spotlight it deserves. (Pun intended)


What might have been months of hard work at the light board could go barely noticed day of show, but the vibe and the atmosphere of an event will surely be what’s remembered, and that’s why you need the right event partners to bring it to life, whether it’s modular lighting elements or the fabric drapery you’re projecting light onto.


As an event planner or producer, your party or special event deserves the very best in lighting and illuminated creative accents. And, should you be working with entertainment of any kind, your performers will always shine brighter with stellar lighting that can stand up to their talent.


When it comes to planning a special event of any size, it is wise to consider your options. At Dazian, our aim is to create lighting accents and modular event backdrops that will be the talk of the party and Instagram.


Whether you’re looking for a simple yet colorful and well-lit fabric drapery display or one of show-stopping, elegant grandeur, Dazian has the event lighting you need to glow, shine and sparkle throughout the event. Read on for our 4 Ways to Create a Stellar Space with Specialty Lighting:

1. LED Spheres

Get your glow on with Dazian’s LED Spheres. These 360-degree light-distributing spheres come with adaptable RGB LED to throw color in all the right places. The LED Spheres come in two different sizes and look great as stand-alone pieces or in combination with other sizes or other elements of your design. They add a contemporary edge to the stage, to the nightclub, and beyond, and they’re sure to catch the eye of any crowd.


Our LED Spheres are lightweight and simple to hang with a rigging point included for easy mounting. LED special effects are a breeze to master and also to alternate for your various purposes throughout the season. Our LED Light Spheres are fully DMX controllable, and can even be incorporated into any LED video scenery you may have on deck, to further augment your stage design. These effects are sure to set the tone.

2. Orbital Spheres

In the world of stage and corporate entertainment, it’s go big or go home. Dazian’s Orbital Spheres are a unique way to add gleam and glam to your event venue. These ornamental spheres come in 3 select sizes, all lightweight and simple to suspend (But, we’re still here to help with install). Perfect for a holiday gala, a world-class show, and anything in between, these Orbital Spheres also work well all types of special events, like custom lit trade show booths or even lighting for event after parties. 


The Orbital Spheres are constructed of a solid metal frame and then encased in thin bands of aluminum ribbons that thread around the sphere to create a striking semi-transparent effect. Included are LED RGB lights and warm white LEDs, which each run on a separate line. This gives you several options for creating that perfect atmosphere of light on the day of your big event. 


Orbital Spheres provide a remarkable accent to any decor and can be hung from above, used at floor level, or perched atop a display.

3. Org Lamps

Radiate attention to the focal point of your space with the novelty of our Org Lamps. Texturized and patterned, these spherical shapes come in 4 sizes to suit your atmospheric needs. The Org Lamps add a sophisticated and chic compositional element to any space. The Org Lamps have been incorporated into many diverse venue designs. 


As the perfect complement to your fabric display, you can expect guests to gravitate toward this design. Made of white polycarbonate sheets that interlock together, the Org Lamps set the tone for a stylish, inviting ambiance.


The Org Lamps can be used indoors and outdoors alike, and the lamps can suspend simply and safely from their bulb lamp cord. Their LED lights can be easily programmed using the included IR remote controller. The program comes with sixteen static colors and a world of effects to enhance your experience and delight your guests.

4. The Regal Chandelier

When it’s time to make a special event truly sparkle and shine, consider the dazzling Regal Chandelier from Dazian. Three circular tiers are illuminated with state-of-the-art RGB LED lights and are sure to shine as the centerpiece of any venue. The Regal Chandelier is composed of both round and teardrop-shaped metallic silver beads that easily affix via velcro to the frame. This is a truly stunning light sculpture that will stand out with any crowd.


The beauty of LED lighting lies in its versatility. Your programming options are endless with LED control technology. The Regal Chandelier can be pre-set at your convenience to whatever colors you desire. Alternatively, they can also be easily programmed using DMX on a light board as part of the master lighting design for your event. The Regal Chandelier comes in two sizes, is easy to care for, and includes a 3′ rigging harness. 


Including a show-stopping chandelier to complement live performances will introduce an added wow factor that will be remembered long after the end of the show. Dancers, singers, speakers, sales teams, and even aerial artists will truly shine in the vicinity of a custom Regal Chandelier from Dazian.

Make it Memorable

No one wants to host an event that will soon be forgotten. These stellar lighting effects and more from Dazian will ensure that your venue is just as dressed up as the guests will be, and that your vision will come to life to enliven the whole crowd.


At Dazian, customer satisfaction is our top concern. Our sales representatives are at the ready to assist you with creating that incredible space or venue that your guests are sure to thank you for.


Contact an experienced sales representative and get the ball rolling today!



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