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CD2 SEG Modular Graphic Frames


Dazian introduces SEG CD2 Fabric Structures our new lightweight Aluminum extrusion. By integrating our innovative Digital print substrates, with our high quality custom printing and fabrication, we can now offer a complete Fabric structure package all manufactured in house. We’ve created an extensive collection of components for graphics for visual messaging, stage elements and event décor. CD2 Structures are offered in standard and custom sizes with short delivery lead times.

Our custom design and production capabilities offer clients a one-stop-shop to create personalized branding and experiential statements for Events, Exhibitions, and Theatrical productions.



* Lightweight, modular construction

* Superior fabrics and graphics

* Custom design/build capabilities

* Manufactured in-house

* Short lead times

* Lower Shipping costs


Ideal for creating dramatic backdrops, stage elements, wall partitions and visual merchandising applications, we can manufacture custom SEG CD2 towers, cubes, walls, and modular rooms by using some of our unique Trendsetting and Novelty fabrics or with custom graphics with your branding message. The versatility of the system allows you to wall mount, fly or use the included base plates to place on the ground for exhibit signage, scenic backdrops, retail display, hospitality decor or corporate theatre.


Need your graphics to come alive? We can change an image from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional adding movement, action, color and light to create an interactive experience with the viewer. We developed the concept of Dynamic Graphics - the methodology for making images come to life by integrating Fiber Optic and/or LED technologies with printed fabric graphics. Our SEG CD2Structures are a perfect vehicle for framing and providing a finished appearance to your graphics.