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LED Chandeliers

Our line of stunning RGB LED Chandeliers and Mini-Chandeliers are accented with shimmering silver beads, crystals or white string, and now we’ve made them easier than ever for set-up and shipping. Using the latest in LED control technology, these chandeliers can be pre-set to any static color, or controlled via DMX from any light board as part of an overall lighting design scheme.




Our elegant two tiered Art Deco inspired chandelier is layered with iridescent and crystal beads brilliantly lit by RGB LEDs. The angular bead pattern adds a sparkling contemporary yet timeless look to an event.



Modern chandeliers that make a statement but require less space. These elegant chandeliers can be hung on their own or in groupings for more visual impact. Our Mini Chandelier is available with a choice of two different constructed layers.



Provide a stunning centerpiece to any event with this large three tiered round chandelier. The Regal Chandelier is decorated in RGB LED lights and alternating strands of round and teardrop shaped silver metallic beads which easily Velcro to the chandelier frames. Regal Chandeliers are available in 2 sizes and are now collapsible for easy shipment by UPS.