White LED Star Drops

ShowLED Classic Star Drops with bluish/white LEDs add a sparkle to an otherwise dull black backdrop.

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Never has an artificial sky looked so realistic! ShowLED Classic Star Drops with bluish white LEDs add a sparkle to an otherwise dull black backdrop or ceiling. The LEDs are placed randomly on our Black 21 oz. DaVinci Velvet Plus curtains, ensuring no star drops are alike. Divided over 8 DMX channels, Lighting Operators can control the effects of the grouped LEDs; minimum and maximum intensity, chase speed, pattern type and pattern behavior. The sewn in Velcro overlap feature allows multiple star drops to seam together to create virtually any size star drop. The controller’s DMX and On-Board control capabilities make the star drop system the preferred choice for any event or stage production. We also offer single colored Classic LEDs in the colors red, blue, yellow, green and white, so you can easily add color to your Classic Star Drop just by changing the LED.
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8 output channels for driving LEDs. Two or more controllers can be synchronized. Chase Patterns: Stand Alone or selected by DMX signal.

Hard or soft chase. Variable speed chase. A number of predefined patterns. Interactive Operative Console. The LED outputs are protected against short circuits.

The supply voltage can vary between 90 and 260 VAC. Uses standard DMX cables and comes with a 3-prong Edison IEC power cord. Energy efficient. Wide angle viewing, Replaceable LED. Maximum of 512 LEDs per controller. Maximum 32 LEDs per channel.

Color Family Black
Fire Spec FR


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