Projectex™ Spacer Assimilator 120”

  • Multi layered, impact absorbent sport simulator fabric.
  • 100% Polyester | NFR | 120”W | 13.81oz. | Approx. Piece Size: 50yds.
  • Available In White Only.
  • Front Projection

ProjecTex™ Data Sheet

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Type Yards / Qty Cost
Cut / Qty < 50 $61.95
Piece / Qty> 50 $47.95

Additional information

This double sided wide width fabric has a sponge-like filling that is knitted between two outer layers. Fabric offers moderate stretch in the length and width and has excellent acoustical properties. Designed for interactive sports simulators requiring give and impact cushioning support.

Care Info

Machine wash cold. No bleach. Tumble dry low.

Color Family White
Fabric Content 100% Polyester
Fire Rating N/A
Fire Spec NFR
Weight Lin 43 oz
Weight Sq 13.81 oz


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