Rental Double-Sided White LED Light Boxes

Light Boxes are a great solution for delivering eye-catching messaging and branding to vibrant backlit art for any event. Our Light Boxes are double-sided allowing you to put a print on either side, or use as single-sided with a print on one side and a reflective blackout liner on the other.
Rental Price: $1,056.00 – $4,588.00

Additional information

Our light boxes are made with SEG aluminum extrusion and LED backlighting fixtures. All light boxes are freestanding and come with a set of steel base plates. A blackout reflective liner is provided for single-sided applications. All light boxes ship unassembled. Power supplies attach outside of the frame and come with a 5ft 3 Prong Edison power cord. For details regarding print graphics and fabric options please contact your local Dazian office.

Power Supply Info:

8’H X 4’W X 7.9”D: 1pc @ 13.5AMP/24V

8’H X 20’W X 7.9”D: 1pc @ 24AMP/24V

10’H X 8’W X 7.9”D: 1pc @ 13.5AMP/24V

12H X 8’W X 7.9”D: 1pc @ 24AMP/24V

Color Family White


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