Melting Point Knit

  • Stretch ceiling fabric with meltable seams.
  • Melting seams located every 12” along the length of the fabric.
  • 94% Polyester/5% Lycra/1% Acetate | IFR | 96”W | 4.75oz. | Approx. Piece Size: 50yds.
  • Sold By The Piece Only. $39.25 per yd.
  • Available In 6 Colors
  • Orders Ship Within 3-5 Business Days.

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Additional information

Melting Point Knit is a stretch ceiling fabric with great light diffusion for trade shows, convention centers, exhibits and museums. The melting lines are located every 12” along the length of the fabric allowing sprinkler water and smoke to come through.

Care Info

Spot Clean As Needed

Color Family Black, Red, White, Black, Grey, Blue
Fabric Content 94% Polyester/5% Lycra/1% Acetate
Fire Rating NFPA 701 | Title 19 Small Scale
Fire Spec IFR
Weight Lin 10oz.
Weight Sq 4.75oz.


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