Incandescent Star Drops

Create the perfect starry night. This look is unlike LED or Fiber Optic as it produces its own warm, bold points of light.

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A classic look for designers interested in creating memorable backdrops or event spaces. Our Incandescent Star Drops are unlike any others as they use bulbs rather than fiber optics or LEDs. Each drape has 3 circuits of 6W bulbs at a density of one bulb per square foot. Each bulb screws into a dimmable socket attached to the drop by black grommets. You control the brightness and effects of each circuit through a Dimmer Pack. Both solid and twinkle bulbs are available (specify when ordering). All bulbs ship in a box ready to be installed once the drop is in place. (Customer is responsible for removing all bulbs from each drop before returning. All bulbs should ship back in the box they arrived in.) Use caution when handling the bulbs as they can produce a great amount of heat when left on for long periods of time.
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6 WATT 6-s-6 Candelabra lights built in a random pattern.

Lights can be controlled through a DMX or Stand Alone. Dimmer Console (not included).

Each circuit power cord is 6' in length with a 3-prong Edison plug. 30’H x 10’W - 30’H x 15’W - 24’H x 20’W

(67 bulbs/circuit, 10 AMPS required/drop)

20’H x 40’W (80 bulbs/circuit, 12 AMPS required/drop)

30’H x 20’W (133 bulbs/circuit, 20 AMPS required/drop)

30’H x 30’W (266 bulbs/circuit, 40 AMPS required/drop)

Color Family Black
Fire Spec FR


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