Fiber Optic Star Drops

The classic look producing a vibrant, crisp and dense star field.

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For over 30 years, Dazian has grown to be the leader in custom fabricating and rental of Fiber Optic Star Drops for the Theatrical and Event industries. Fiber optics produce crisp points of light unlike LEDs which are a bold defined points of light. Also, the density of our fiber is about 3 times more than our LED drops. With fiber optics you can create a starry sky one minute and a dazzling array of shimmering colors the next. We have a large inventory of drops designed to fit any stage or event space. All our drops have 3 points of .75mm fiber optics per square foot, leading to a single 3 foot long tail. The tail connects to an illuminator which can produce a twinkle effect along with a handful of colors.
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100% Polyester Black Milano Velvet or Black DaVinci Velvet. All Fiber Optic Star Drops are manufactured in-house.

Fiber Optic Supplier is Vivid Lighting. Fiber Optic Illuminators are DiCon FiberLamp RGBW provided by Optic Arts. Each drop has 3.2 points of fiber per square foot. A 3-5 foot tail to connect the drop to an illuminator.

Drops come with ties on two sides allowing drops to hang in 2 directions (ie: 15’H x 20’W can also be 20’H x 15’W) Typical finishing is webbing/grommets/ties at 12” centers. Powered by RGBW LED Illuminators with DMX & On-Board Control Capabilities. Drops are made with .75MM fiber optics. DiCon FiberLamp RGBW (typically one per star drop).

One illuminator can support 900 points of .75MM fiber optics.

Color Family Black
Fire Spec FR


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