Holographic Disk Rental Curtains

  • ​100% PVC | NFR | Flat Construction | Reflective Finish
  • Webbing, Ties & Pipe Pocket at Top | Disks Spaced Every 1 1/2″ On Center
  • Alternating 10cm & 5cm Disks | Light Reflective
  • Ideal For Stage & Event Drapery, Backdrops & Photo Booths
  • See Chart Below For Sizes.
  • Available In 2 Colors
  • $130.00 – $135.00 Per Week


100% PVC

Additional information

Our Holographic Disk Curtains are a made of alternating 10cm & 5cm disks that are spaced 1 1/2″ on center. Each disk is linked together with a small metal ring. The disks glitter-like finish help to reflect light, creating a colorful sparkling effect. Each curtain is made with either webbing, ties and pipe pocket at the top (or both). Sizes & Availability Very – Please Contact Us For Information.


Care Info

Wipe Clean

Color Family Silver
Fabric Content 100% PVC
Fire Spec NFR


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