Silhouette Tile Connector Plates

  • Create seamless backdrops and towers using our Silhouette Tiles.
  • White powder coated aluminum plates with Nylon hardware.
  • Tower Connectors (Corners) | Backdrop Connectors (Flats)
  • 4 Connector Styles.


Silhouette Flat Wall_connectors

Silhouette Tower_ConnectorsSilhouette Flat Wall_connectors

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Engineered to be used with our Silhouette Tiles.Create a seamless look for backdrops & panels, or use to create towers. Metal connector are powder coated white and easy to attach to Silhouette Tiles. Use 4-way Flat Connector when creating a continuous flat surface, 2-way Connectors, 4-way Corner Connectors when creating a continuous angled surface, and 2-way Corner Connectors for edges for a seamless look.

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Color Family White


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