Terrain Surface Connector Plates

Connector plates are designed to lock together shapes for easy installation of our Terrain Surfaces. Color: White, 5 Connector Shapes


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Matte White Powder Coated

Additional information

For easy installation of Terrain 3D Projection surfaces we’ve developed a variety of connectors. Connector allow surfaces to be suspended from truss when grouped together to make a solid backdrop, or individual frames can be mounted to a wall or any flat surface.


Technical Info

Pyramid Corner Plate-Use at bottom and top corners

Pyramid Star Plate- Use when joining 6 pyramids shapes together

Pyramid Edge Plate- Use along the outside perimeter of a pyramid surface

Square Full Plate – Use when joining 4 Squares together

Square Tee Connector Plate- Use along the outside perimeter of a square surface

Color Family White
Fabric Content Matte White Powder Coated


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