ChromaLink Chain

  • UV light resistant decorative aluminum chain.
  • 100% Aluminum | FR | 55yds. Per Bag
  • Available In 5 Colors.
  • Discontinued
    • New Foam Green | 34 Bags (as of 8/14/19)
    • Red | 10 Bags (as of 8/14/19)
    • Deep Green | 8 Bags (as of 8/14/19)
    • Blue | 2 Bags (as of 8/14/19)
    • Brown | 2 Bags (as of 8/14/19)
    • Purple | 6 Bags (as of 8/14/19)

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Type Yards / Qty Cost
Cut / Qty < 20 $94.00
Piece / Qty> 20 $75.00
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100% Aluminum

Additional information

ChromaLink aluminum chain is lightweight, durable and reflective. Colors are resistant to UV light and exhibit only minor color loss in outdoor settings. Each link is 3/4″ high and 1/4″ wide (at the widest part). Typically these chain links are used to create stage and event curtains, decorative elements and room dividers but they can also be customized to creative fun and creative branding solutions by incorporating logos, patterns and messages by linking colors together. AV companies have used the Silver & Dull Nickel chain as alternative projection surface too, these colors really do capture light and detail. Ask how we can customize a curtain for you!

Care Info

Wipe clean.

Color Family Silver, Gold, Black
Fire Rating NFPA 701 | Title 19
Fire Spec FR
Weight Lin 4 lbs./bag


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