Acrobat® HV with Mira-S™ ++

  • Heavyweight version of Acrobat® with MIRA-S™. Offers great opacity and balanced stretch, ideal for tension fabric structures and graphics.
  • 100% Polyester | IFR | 120”W | 8.8oz. | Approx. Piece Size: 80-100yds.
  • Stretch: 30% Width | 35% Length
  • Available In Bright White Only.
  • Certified For Dye Sublimation Transfer Printing.
  • Sold by the Piece Only

Acrobat HV MIRAS Data Sheet

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Additional information

Heavyweight version of Acrobat® with Mira-S™, a revolutionary Stretch Fabric for Graphics, Tension Structures and Projection Surfaces utilizing a brand new elastomeric Polyester fiber variant, Mira-S™. The combination of the Acrobat® Knit construction coupled with the unique properties of Mira–S™ Polyester now offers an alternative to the limitations of spandex and mechanical stretch polyester products.

This innovative textile has been engineered for balanced length and width stretch, excellent recovery, superior UV and color fastness, richer colors and graphics, and high chemical resistance. Designed specifically for Exhibit Builders, Event Companies, and Printers where Fabric Shapes and Structures require a fabric skin with more stretch than our Celtic Cloth but less than our Trapeze® Plus spandex products.

Care Info

Cold water wash. No Bleach. Mild detergent. No caustic chemicals. Tumble dry low.

Color Family White
Fabric Content 100% Polyester
Fire Rating NFPA 701 Small Scale, CA 1237 Sm
Fire Spec IFR
Weight Lin 29.82 oz.
Weight Sq 8.8 oz.


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