8 oz. Cotton Duck CFP

  • A multi-purpose medium weight canvas with ultra-tight weave.
  • 100% Cotton | CFP | 72”W | 8oz. | Approx. Piece Size: 100yds.
  • Stocked In Natural Only.

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Type Yards / Qty Cost
Cut / Qty < 100 $7.05
Piece / Qty> 100 $2.95
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Additional information

This is a medium weight canvas, woven tightly by coarse super carded cotton. It’s ideal for scenery and set decoration, scenic backdrops, ceilings, tents, canopies & wall coverings.

Care Info

Dry Brush Only

Color Family Natural
Fabric Content 100% Cotton
Fire Rating N/A
Fire Spec CFP
Weight Lin 16 oz.
Weight Sq 8 oz.


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