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News & Events

NEW: MAG-LED Walls™ and Halo Tiles

Quickly and tool-free create a variety of different looks with our Magnetic decorative Halo Tiles and MAG-LED Walls™, designed to connect together vertically or horizontally to create dynamic stage and event backdrops and scenery. 3 tile patterns available.





NEW: Terrain 3D Projection Surfaces

Geometric dimensional shapes for projection that connect together to create a variety of configurations. Metal framing extrusion and projection fabric, for walls or hang from truss. Front or backlit using hi-output LED video display/stage lighting. In 2 shapes.





NEW: Inflatable Chrome Spheres

Bold and contemporary supersized reflective spheres to hang in a grouping, float in a pool or place on the ground in a large open space. Great for indoor or outdoor events! Durable PVC spheres stay inflated for three weeks or longer! An electric air pump is available. Sizes: 3’ / 6’ / 8’ diameters.