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Although we have the most extensive rental offering in the country, there will always be a client who wants something very special that we don’t carry in our rental line. Whether you are looking for a unique ceiling treatment, a knockout entry way, custom graphics for décor or signage, or a custom sewn element to create a personalized statement, our Project Design Group will work with you to create custom fabricated pieces for spectacular effects.


Project Management

Depending upon the size and complexity of your job, we assign one of our Project managers to coordinate all phases of the design, production, installation and technical support processes to insure that the project is completed as designed, on time and on spec. Dazian employs a team approach on all custom orders with creative and technical input from our Account managers, Designers, Fabric technicians, Production managers, Technical specialists, and Installation experts. We interface with the clients from the design stage through project completion by providing status updates on delivery and visual images of their design at both in-process stages and at completion.



Beyond the sewing room and onto the Main Stage, we are committed to delivering outstanding production support services. You can depend upon us to provide temporary or permanent installation support. From creating event spaces, dressing a stage or decorating existing venues, our team of installers and technicians are available 24/7 and come with years of onsite experience. We’ll work with you to develop solutions to keep the integrity of the job and its design a number one priority. For over 170 years we've worked hard towards earning your respect as a premier textile scenery fabricator, and to become your true partner in production. Your complete satisfaction is our goal!

Onsite Technical Support

Intimidated by technology? Don’t have the time or resources to get the job done, or maybe you need support with one of our products? We’re here to get you up and running by pro-viding support with Controller connections and programming, dressing or running cables and hanging backdrops.