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Masking & Decor Drapery

Masking Drapery

Block light, mask a wall or create a space with our IFR Rental Masking Draperies. Our drapes provide Entertainment and Event Professionals with the highest level of quality and appearance to meet the demands of the TV, Film, Theatre and Event industries. We offer many styles to fit all budgets. When your Masking requires more decoration, our Specialty Velour Masking Drapes combine beautiful visual aesthetics with light and sound blocking properties. All are designed for quick hanging on pipe or truss.


Specialty & Décor Curtains

Specialty & Décor Curtains create dramatic interactions of light, shadow, color and texture. Dazian’s collections of metallic fabrics, sequins, crystals, chain, beads and discs reflect light, sparkle with color, and produce shimmering visual effects. Our textured, burn-out, and laser cut fabrics create dimensional and shadow box effects when lit with LED and Theatrical lighting. We manufacture all of our Rental Specialty & Décor Curtains and are meticulous in matching patterns and seams.