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Track & Hardware

Even the highest quality drapery needs hardware to operate. We offer a large selection of Theatrical and Architectural hardware from the top of the line industry manufacturers. We are proud suppliers of TruRoll®, ADC® and H&H® track for theatrical applications, such as Austrian, Tabbed, Tableau or Venetian.

ADC offers a full line of stage curtain tracks, stage curtain machine operators, stage curtain lift systems and controls. They are the original stage curtain track manufacturer, they’ve developed most of the technology currently used in the stage curtain industry and they continue to innovate, design and manufacture in Allentown, Pennsylvania.





H & H Specialties Inc. has supplied equipment for a wide variety of institutional, entertainment and performing art facilities for over 40 years. In that time it has grown into a leading manufacturer of theatrical rigging equipment and stage curtains tracks. Products are stocked and sold through dealers in North America providing local sources for the supply, installation and maintenance of theatrical hardware and equipment systems.





TRU-ROLL, a division of Advanced Entertainment Technology, designs and manufactures standard and customized theatrical rigging systems, drapery and theatrical drapery track for the theatre, theme park, casino, hospitality and motion picture industries as well as school and university theatres, auditoriums, churches and other place of assembly.




Built on a history of excellence where details are important, Kirsch is recognized as the leader in decorative and architectural drapery hardware. Offering a wide selection of decorative finishes in sveral product lines gives you the diversity and individuality your project deserves. Metal, wood and wrought iron are just a few of the high end rods available in the vast selection of finishes and styles.





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