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Kabuki Drop System


The Chabuki is the strongest most reliable curtain release system available; all other kabuki systems are simply inferior. The Chabuki system is unsurpassed; everyone who has worked with the system undeniably prefers it over any other system. At Fragoso, the day-to-day driving force is simple; build the best products, period. The Chabuki curtain release system is testimony to that.



Kabuki Drop

A Kabuki Drop is a technique typically used in Theatre or Special Events where a drape is quickly released from the top of the truss or pipe structure to reveal the stage, product or performers. Perfect for sporting events, auto shows, concerts and corporate events, our Kabuki Drapes are made from lightweight Taipei Silk Plus and offered in a wide range of colors. Kabuki Drape fabrication, custom printing and installation services are available.



  • Made in the USA by Fragoso, Inc. (www.gofragoso.com)
  • Power: Standard 120V 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 8 inches (not including clamps)
  • Weight of each unit: 7 lbs. (with clamp & safety cable)
  • A SINGLE UNIT can hold and release 720+ pounds
  • Attachment clamp: 2” Mega-Coupler
  • A 10 unit system drops a 70’ curtain regardless of height, weight or direction of pull, which may be important in outdoor venues where wind can be a factor.
  • Chabuki’s are capable of a wide variety of release applications; they are not limited to just curtain drops. Please contact us for details.
  • Systems available for any size drop or curtain configuration including double drops. Chabuki systems can range from 1 unit on up.
  • Road cases available for touring (contact us for details or with lead times).


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Chabuki Instructions




Kabuki Drop – FAQ

1. What is a Kabuki Drop?
- It’s a technique typically performed in Theatre or Live Event where a lightweight drape is released from the top of a truss or pipe structure to reveal on stage a band, product or performers.



2. What is Chabuki?
- It’s the name of the Kabuki Drop System made by Frago, Inc



3. Is the Kabuki Drop System in R2?
-Yes. If you search “Kabuki” under the description tab you will see two options.

  • a. “Kabuki Controller Kit”
    - Kabuki Controller (one per order)
    - 25’ Controller Power Cord
    - 100’ Home Run Cable (the cable that goes from the controller to the first solenoid in the chain)
    - Indicator Light (plugs into the last solenoid in the chain. It lights up once all the solenoids are properly chained together)
  • b. “Kabuki Solenoid w/8’ Jumper Cable
    - One Solenoid is used every 5’-8’ per curtain.
    - The 8’ Jumper Cable (daisy chains multiple solenoids together)



4. What is a Kabuki Solenoid?
- It is the releasing mechanism attached to one of the grommets or ties on the drape that is being dropped. Multiple solenoids are required to drop one drape. To drop the drape all solenoids are daisy chained together to release at the same time.



5. How many solenoids are required per drape?
- Each solenoid is spaced 5FT – 8FT between each other. A 8FT jumper cable is provided to daisy chain the solenoids together. Each solenoid can support 720 pounds each.



6. Is the Kabuki Drop Controller DMX Controlled or Manual?
- Manual. The reason is because timing is critical when dropping a Kabuki and with DMX controlled systems technical errors are more likely to occur.



7. Do we have to use Taipei Silk? Couldn’t our customers use anyone of our rental drapes or fabrics?- Yes. You can use any one of our rental drapes that have ties (except for beads, star drops or chain curtains). Please inform your client that if any damages are found they will be responsible.
Please see Fabrication to get you a quote using any other fabric besides Taipei Silk



8. How much does a Taipei Silk Kabuki Curtain cost?
- Your client can choose any stocked Taipei Silk color. The curtain is $1.25 per sq.ft. or $8.75 per sq.ft. with print. The finishing is 2” Webbing @ Top with Grommets every 5FT to 8FT (depending on the size of the curtain) – 1” Hem on Sides & Bottom.



9. Do we offer Kabuki Drop Installation and Production Services?
- Yes. Please see your Installation Manager before quoting.



10. We currently stock 10 solenoids which can support up to a 70’W drop, but what if I need more?
- Please contact Paul Grider in our CA office and he will arrange with the manufacture to get the additional gear to your specified location (i.e. drop ship to venue or at your office before the order ships). Please contact ASAP as lead times and gear availability are always fluctuating.



11. Is there an instructional “How To” or “Installation” video I can send to my client when I send my quote?
- Yes. Please copy and paste this YouTube link in the body of your email.



12. Do we have any product video of a Kabuki Drop in action?
- Yes. Please copy and paste any one of these YouTube video clips to effectively illustrate the effect of a Kabuki Drop.



If you or your client ever have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Paul Grider @ 818-287-3883 or pgrider@dazian.com