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DreamWorld Backdrops is delighted that you have chosen to rent or purchase backdrops from our company. We are proud of the quality of our product and using our backdrop will enhance your event. Please take extra care when handling our backdrops, as they are very expensive to produce and repair.


Prior to shipment, our warehouse team carefully checks our backdrops to make sure they are in perfect condition. Our backdrops are sent folded neatly and placed into a plastic bag. When you remove the backdrop from the plastic bag please take note how the backdrop is folded . Please keep this plastic bag and reuse it for return shipping. This protects our backdrops from the elements during shipping.



Before you unfold the backdrop, please make sure that the area is clean and dry to reduce the risk of staining or damaging the backdrop. Also make sure that there are no sharp objects, dirt, liquid or debris on the floor area. Remove the backdrop from the plastic bag. Put the plastic bag in a safe place to be used for return shipping. Remember how the backdrop is folded so that you can fold it the same way after your event. You will need two crew members to unfold the backdrop. As the backdrop is unfolded, the unpainted side of the backdrop should be facing the floor with the painted side upwards.



All our backdrops have either a sleeve and ties at the top. Pipe and drape: Option 1: 4 x 10ft Horizontal poles and 5 x 20ft vertical poles Option 2: 5 x 8ft Horizontal poles and 6 X 20ft vertical poles To hang with the tie, first erect the piping. Then using a tall ladder, tie the ties in a bow around the pipe from one end to the other. If it is difficult to tie and the backdrop seems heavy, ask a crew member to stand on the floor and lift the backdrop to make it easier.



If clamps are used, it is important that they have rubber tips. If your clamps do not have rubber tips, please place a cloth/fabric around the tip of the clamp before applying. Clamping from the top: Fold the upper portion of the backdrop over the horizontal pipe until the backdrop is the desired height. Then using clamps, clamp the folded part of the backdrop to the pipe. The number of clamps you use will depend on the width of the backdrop. We recommend that you place a clamp every 2-3 feet. Folding under the bottom: Make sure that the surface below the backdrop is clean and dry. Fold under the unused bottom portion of the backdrop. It is a good idea to lay plastic or paper on the area of the floor where the painted image comes into contact with the floor surface. It can be pinned as well with thin straight pins. Folding from the side: If the backdrop is too wide, fold it on either side and tie the ties at the top to keep it in place.



The most important aspect about using our Dream World Backdrops is the use of lighting. It is vital to consult a lighting expert who can ensure that the backdrop is correctly lit. We recommend even lighting over the surface of the backdrop to eliminate shadows. These lights are best placed well down-stage from the backdrop surface to avoid any burning of the fabric.



The policy of DreamWorld Backdrops is to not rent our backdrops for outdoor events, however please discuss this with our office. Due to adverse weather conditions our backdrops have been damaged in the past.



Our backdrops must have no alterations of any kind such as cutting ,pinning, tacking, stapling, sewing, nailing, gluing or painting. Repairs to our backdrops, which were caused by such alterations, will be invoiced to your company. In the unlikely event our backdrop is torn, has burn marks, stains such as food, dirt marks, foot prints or is placed on a wet area, please do not touch-up the backdrop yourself as this could cause further damages. Please call our office and notify us about the incident and when the backdrop is returned, our warehouse always inspects our backdrops and submits a report to our office. If our company has to repair a backdrop, the charge to your company will be determined when our DreamWorld team has estimated the damages.


Returning the Backdrop




When your event is completed and the backdrop is taken down we would appreciate it if you could fold the backdrop the same way as you received it. Make sure that the area around the backdrop is clean and dry and free of any sharp objects. Carefully untie the backdrop from its attachment and lower it onto a clean surface Please allow time for this procedure, as taking down a backdrop can be more time consuming than putting it up.


Please contact our office for instruction on how to fold our backdrops.



It is important to return the backdrop to our office on time to avoid any late charges.