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dZ Acoustic Drapery and DZ Sound Absorption Panels

We rent our complete line of dZ Acoustic Drapery and dZ Sound Absorption Panels for temporary installations. We understand that every location requires different degrees of sound abatement. Prior to placing your order we will work with you to determine which combinations and styles will meet your distinct sound and design preferences. Our dZ Acoustic Drapery and Panel systems have been crafted to provide high levels of sound absorption. Its levels accommodate a wide spectrum of applications, including theatrical, event and architectural spaces. All of our Acoustic products have been field-tested, as well as laboratory tested to ASTM C423 sound absorption standards.


Our dZ Acoustic Drapery system is comprised of theatrical weight front curtains, mated with fabric-covered acoustical panels. They come in a range of densities engineered to produce defined levels of noise absorption.


For more décor options, Dazian provides an array of rental curtains to use in conjunction with the dZ Sound Absorption Panels. With so many colors, fabrics and noise control choices, we offer the widest range of sound blocking options.


Dazian IFR Acoustic Drapery

Our heavyweight, IFR Polyester Acoustic Drapery is fabricated from 25 oz. Angelo (NRC 0.70), 21 oz. DaVinci Velvet Plus (NRC 0.70) or 30 oz. double-sided Carbonight Plus (NRC 0.65). It adds a significant amount of sound control to any venue. We also recommend that our medium-weight IFR Micro Denier Polyester styles, 16 oz. Milano Velvet Plus (NRC 0.55) and 15 oz. Carbonight Plus (NRC 0.55) be used when only moderate sound absorption is required. All drapery styles are pre-pleated and finished with a pipe pocket or flat with ties, and hung with 50-100% fullness. These fabrications generate a baffle to deflect sound waves. Our extensive rental line affords a wide range of creative options to coordinate with a venue’s existing décor.


The following chart indicates the specifications and NRC Ratings for individual styles in our dZ Acoustic Drapery:



dZ Sound Absorption Panels & Baffles

We are proud to introduce our line of dZ Sound Absorption Panels (SAP) – A breakthrough in interior acoustic control! These panels are designed to be used behind both Acoustic and Rental Décor Drapery to enhance sound absorption or as stand-alone panels where drapery is not required. Dazian has created an ingenious connection system, both vertically and horizontally, to join panels together to create a wall of Acoustic Panels of virtually any height or width. The panels are covered in our matte Black IFR Carbonight Plus. They are offered in 2 densities, SAP1 (NRC 0.95) and SAP2 (NRC 1.05). We provide one or the other based on the sound absorption properties required for the application. The panels are manufactured with a webbing pipe pocket and ties to optimize hanging options.


The following chart indicates the specifications and NRC Ratings for individual styles in our dZ Sound Absorption Panels:


Décor Drapery

Dazian recognizes that Acoustic Drapery Velvets and Velour’s, although providing maximum acoustic benefits may not satisfy a client’s design needs. The dZ Sound Absorption Panels have also been developed to use behind Dazian’s fabulous line Rental Décor Drapery to provide significant noise abatement properties without sacrificing creative opportunities.


dZ Acoustic Drapery Systems Packages

To maximize noise control, we have generated the dZ Acoustic Drapery System. It matches Acoustic Drapery with Sound Absorption Panels to create the top of the line dZ Ultra (NRC 1.20) and the superior dZ Premium (NRC 1.15) packages. The dZ Ultra System utilizes heavy weight Angelo or DaVinci Velvet Plus Acoustic Drapes hung in front of the SAP2 Sound Absorption Panels. The dZ Premium System utilizes medium weight Milano Velvet Plus or Carbonight Plus Acoustic Draperies in front of SAP1 Sound Absorption Panels. We recommend maintaining a 6”-8” spacing between the draperies and the panels. This distance will create an air pocket that produces maximum sound absorption.

The following chart indicates the specification and NRC Rating for the dZ Acoustic Drapery System Package:



Rental Guidelines

Acoustic Drapery Colors:
Pricing is for all colors listed in the Rental Line (Contact your Dazian Sales Representative for more information)


Pricing Based On:
Acoustic Drapery – Rental Drapery will be supplied by a Dazian Sales Representative. Sound Absorption Panels – Pricing based on a single 5’ wide panel.
Sound Absorption Panels - Pricing based in a single 4’ wide panel.
Acoustic Drapery System – Pricing based on two – 5’ wide Acoustic Panels and a single 10” Wide Drape.
Prices vary on heights.


Hardware Required for Drapery Rental:
Single Hung includes: 2-Uprights, 1-Horizontal and 2-Bases per 10’ section.
Prices vary on 8’- 12’H and 16’ – 20’H
Double Hung includes: 4-Uprights, 2-Horizontals and 2-Bases per 10’ section.
Prices vary on 8’- 12’H and 16’ – 20’H


Minimum Installation Charge:
Installation price includes: Acoustic Drapery/Panels, Hardware, Installation and Dismantle labor.
Customer will be charged for an on-site wait time in excess of 1 hour at Dazian’s standard labor rates.


Delivery/Shipping Charges:
Call for quotation, as rates and services vary per location. Standard delivery charges are based on normal business hours: 9AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday.


Labor Pricing:
Call for labor quotation. Local Labor Policies may affect pricing. This will be discussed at time of quote.


Site Visits:
Dazian reserves the right to charge for site visits. This will be discussed at time of inquiry.

Applications for dZ Acoustic Drapery and Panels include:

  • Space Dividers
  • Increased Sound Absorption
  • Perimeter Masking
  • Reducing Sound Reverberation
  • Ambient Noise Reduction

Venues that will most benefit from dZ Acoustic Drapery and Panels are:

  • Theatres
  • Night Clubs
  • Sound Stages
  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Events
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Trade Shows
  • Auditoriums
  • Churches
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Concert Halls

All Dazian Acoustic Fabrics have been engineered to meet the following requirements:

  • Inherently Flame Retardant
  • Washable, Dry Cleanable
  • Passes NFPA 701 Small Scale, CA Title 19,
  • brasion Resistant
  • CAN.ULC-S-109-03
  • Excellent Color Fastness


For NRC test results please see the following.


What are NRC, STC and SAA ?