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The Dazian Brand

When a Company is 174 years young, there’s something in its DNA that makes it unique. Call it a culture of embracing change, its leadership or its innovation, Dazian has become the paradigm for re-invention and has often been described as a legacy company.


From its humble beginnings as a street cart selling Theatrical abrics on the lower East Side of New York in 1842, it continued to evolve and survive the challenges of the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, and every economic and social change in this country to present day. It became and still is a living part of this nation’s history. Take a look at some of the old pictures, stories, and catalogues that show why this Company has been such an influential part of the “fabric” of this country over past 17 decades.


As CEO of Dazian, I am committed to expanding the Dazian legacy by building on the foundation that made the Company so great. So how did we survive the past 174 years during tumultuous times in our country’s history? My answer is always the same. It’s the essence of Dazian: Innovation, Creativity, and Service. It’s ingrained in our culture. It keeps us young, listening, observing and learning. As lifestyles change and consumers look for the next “big trend”, we are at the forefront of new ideas, new designs, and new technologies. We will not accept that “something can’t be done”. We take our clients to new heights and expand their imaginations by working together.


To be an Industry leader you have to be able to continually redefine your business structure and culture to meet the changing needs of the market place. Dazian has met the challenge of the new fast paced Digital world by becoming a 360 company where businesses and consumers can now shop for all their needs 24 hours a day.


We love your feedback, ideas, creativity and technical input. In future web blogs we will interactively explore with you our new product developments, applications, and evolving technology. Stay tuned for our Design Challenges program that collaborates with you to create unique custom design applications for our new products.


Welcome aboard the Dazian Express. We promise to make it a great ride.


Jon Weingarten