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Custom LED Fabrication


Custom Star Fields

When it comes to Custom Star Fields, we have done it all: Star Drops, Constellations, Décor Light Curtains, Ceilings, Tunnels, Canopies, projection Star Drops, and Structures. We offer an array of Star Drop Engines that support any production requirement along with installation and technical support







Custom Signage & Graphics

Dazian pioneered the use of custom LED Signage, and Dynamic Graphics for Exhibit and Retail Display marketing applications. Using LEDs for Branding makes the media come alive by creating movement, dimension, color, and light.










Custom Technical Scenery

We have the expertise to construct Custom Technical Scenery and Backdrops with Chasers, Animation, and Logo/Signage out of a wide range of scenic technologies including Single and Color changing LEDs, Fiber Optics, and Incandescent lamps. Technologies are either DMX controlled or Pre –Programmed.









Scenic Lighting Elements

Along with our extensive line of LED Chandeliers, Columns, and Scenic Lighting Elements for sale and rental, we create and build Custom Lighting designs for our clients. We carry pre-programmed power supplies for plug and play applications without the need for a lighting console.











Star Drop Maintenance & Repair

We now offer Repair, Maintenance and Storage of your Drops. For Drops with a rip or hole, fabric fading or discoloration, or LED replacement, we will work with you on a cost saving solution that will bring your Star Drop back to life.