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Design & Production Services

Design & Production Services

We work closely with our clients to define and coordinate project needs and specifications at the planning stage. We then translate the client’s design concept into a successful event utilizing a wide range of drapery, structural elements and lighting to create amazing decor. Our extensive rental offering provides a wide range of options to fit into a client’s budget.
We can provide renderings of proposed layouts so clients have a clear picture of what the final décor will look like. We have specialists available to manage the project and provide professional installation and technical services along with dismantling the drapery at the end of the event.

Project Management

Based on the size and complexity of your project, we will assign one of our Project Managers to coordinate all design, production, installation & technical support to ensure that the project is completed as designed and on time. We have a team approach on all custom orders that incorporates input from our fabric techs, production, specialists and installation experts. We interface with our clients from the design stage through project completion by providing status updates on delivery and visual images of their design.



You can depend upon us to provide temporary or permanent installation support. From decorating open spaces in venues, to creative ceiling swagging treatments, to dressing a stage, our team of installers and technicians are available 24/7 and come with years of onsite experience. We work with you to develop solutions to keep the integrity of the job and its design a number one priority.






Onsite Technical Support

Intimidated by technology? Don’t have the time or resources to get the job done, or maybe you need support with one of our products? We’re here to get you up and running! We provide support with controller connections, programming, dressing or running cables and hanging backdrops and so much more!