How does a 180-year-old Theatrical Textile company continue to evolve for almost two centuries? It’s simple. We listen to our customer’s needs. We pride ourselves on the trust and confidence that our clients expect from us to provide innovative Theatrical Fabrics and Custom Fabricated Drapery products, necessary for producing a successful project. They trust that we will deliver high quality craftsmanship, on time, every time.


However, we didn’t get here overnight. The Entertainment and Event Industries are driven by the dynamics of new technologies, visual effects, unique aesthetics, and creative messaging. It constantly pushes us to be at the forefront of developing Specialty Fabrics and Creative Services to support the variety of designs, applications, trends, and budgets our clients are working with.
Over the past 10 years we have built a world class custom drapery work room, expanded into building custom fabric frames and structures, and providing grand format printing services. To meet our clients changing needs, our Rental Division has grown into the premier stage and event drapery resource in the country, along with offering innovative scenic and décor products, hardware, and installation services.


Today, we are proud to continue strengthening our reputation as the go-to company for providing Stage Drapery and creative Fabric based solutions. Our products are used on Film, Theatrical & Television Productions, Concert Tours, Award Shows, Special Events, Museum Exhibits, to creating contemporary Retail & Architectural Interiors. Know that when you work with Dazian you get a team of dedicated, talented, and experienced Fabric and Fabrication experts providing proven solutions and superior service.



Drapery serves a purpose for many different industries. It’s valued for revealing, concealing, separating and decorating many different spaces. Drapery can be the focal point, an accented element, or a utility solution. No matter the purpose, we provide the fabrics, hardware solutions and the craftsmanship to deliver the look and functionality your drapery requires. From traditional and contemporary theatrical styles, to completely unique, one-of-a-kind designs, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your needs are meet.


Backdrops + Scenery

So much more than drapery. Select from our large fabric collection and utilize anyone of our extensive creative services to construct your custom backdrop and scenery. Wide-Format Fabric Printing, Structure & Framing Fabrications, Hardware, Lighting, Sewing, Precision Cutting, all powered by a team of talented, resourceful fabricators and installers ready to execute your project. We specialize in Theatrical Star Drops, Kabuki Drops, Cycs, Printed Backdrops and Scrims, to original designs. We got the tools to transform your ideas into reality.



You can not have an event without Décor. Its like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the bread. Décor is the building blocks of design, making each event uniquely its own. As the demand for more personalized, branded events grow, custom décor is needed to help complete these tailored looks. We fabricate custom chandeliers, ceiling treatments, curtains, swags, backdrops, and elements for weddings, socials, award shows, movie premiers and marketing events. Our extensive line of decorative fabrics, novelty products, and fabric print services are just some of the tools available to create that special piece. We love a good challenge! Send us your design and let’s get started today!



When it comes to interior design there are a lot of factors that need to be considered; Fabric certification and selection, design direction and implementation support, are just a few. We have worked with some of the nation’s most prestigious and recognized Hotels, Retailers, Corporate Headquarters, Commercial spaces, Museums, Galleries, Art installations, and many high-profile custom projects. We are chosen because we are more than a fabric company. We are visionaries. We inject ourselves into your project making it our own. Over the years our relentless pursuit in offering creative fabric solutions has given us the reputation for being the partner professionals rely on to make their project a success.


Lighting + Projection

Over the years projection has evolved into more than just a display tool. This visual medium has transformed, inspiring creatives, and influencing technological growth. Today projection is being used in everything from interior design, cutting edge brand marketing events and in interactives for museum and exhibits, to its traditional use as a large visual tool for concerts, corporate staging, trade shows, and studio productions. There continue to be significant advancements in production lighting equipment, as LED sources now set the standard. We have a long history supporting AV Companies, Technical Directors, Lighting and Production Designers in supplying them with not only projection and lighting fabrics, but with a finished fabric solution as well. From custom projection screens, surfaces, and structures, to green and blue screens, and light diffusion and reflection panels, we have the fabrics and custom fabrication services to make your vision a reality.


For years, Architects and Designers have come to Dazian for our extraordinary capability to translate their design concepts into complex fabricated structures and graphics utilizing our unique specialty fabrics. Whether they are created for Exhibitions in Museums, Corporate Headquarters, Concert Halls, Galleries, Trade Fairs, Art, Educational, Cultural, and Religious installations, the common denominator is that you can depend upon Dazian’s expertise, extensive fabrication services, and our reliability to insure that the project meets your creative expectations every time, on time.

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