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Custom Fabric Structures

Fabric Structures are all about the fabrics used. The structure serves as a skeleton to define the fabric aesthetic. A framing system--whether it’s linear, curved, angled, round, freestanding, connected or flown--depends upon the material attached to it to give it identity. Light it, project on it, or add a graphic and the aesthetic becomes almost unlimited; making a fabric structure integral to the environments it is used in.


NEW Fabric Structure Systems by Dazian – Customization and Rental

Dazian introduces an innovative line of Rental and Custom SEG Fabric Structures designed using extrusion elements. By integrating our unique fabric substrates with high quality printing and fabrication, along with in-house, on-demand structure building, we can now offer the complete package of both standard size and custom light boxes and graphic structures for sale and rental. As an adjunct for our traditional customer base of Printers, Display, Scenic and Event Production, and experiential Marketing Companies, we can now offer them a back of the house resource for providing a complete Custom SEG Fabric Structure.

Our Glo-LED Structures for back lighting are designed with a special array of LED lighting in both edge-lit and back-lit configurations for superior diffusion and special effects. Use our CD2 Structures to provide a fabulous Graphics platform for visual messaging and decor aesthetics.


The possibilities are endless with our unique Fabrics, Custom Design, Bending, Printing, Sewing, LEDs, and Structure building capabilities to create a one-of a-kind visual branding and décor statement for Events, Exhibitions, and Entertainment productions

Tension Shapes & Structures

Dazian has a long history of working with scenic and event designers to build one-of-a-kind event décor pieces and stage sets. We are the experts at fabricating custom scenic elements, and producing standard stage pieces in a wide and design options. Our eclectic collection of, tension structures, columns, and stretch shapes, will enhance any stage production. Dazian's scenic elements are designed to be used with both LED effect and theatrical lighting and for projection applications. We also offer an extensive line of Rental Tension Shapes and Structures for both Event décor, Visual Branding, and AV applications.