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Take a look at our extensive line of Star Drops and discover the different ways each of them can turn any space into a stunning setting.



Setting the mood isn’t an easy thing to do. This is especially true for shows, parties, and performances, as well as any other event that takes place in a single space and relies on the ambiance of the environment to influence the desired moods and behaviors of the people attending. 


To do it properly, your space must become a different world—a place where people are transported to an entirely new, unexpected, and delightful one-of-a-kind experience. 


Nothing does this better—nor with more ease—than Star Drops. And at Dazian, our innovative and versatile line of fiber optic, incandescent, and LED star drops have been giving event spaces  an added “wow!” factor for over a decade. 


So whether you’re looking for a starry constellation-like backdrop or a classy and cool touch of color, here’s a quick look at our collection of star drops and how each of them can bring your next setting to life. 

Constellation Star Drops

Originally constructed as the perimeter masking for the Annual Emmy’s Governor Ball at the Los Angeles Convention Center, our Constellation Star Drop drapes are large at 36’ x 22’ and serve as an exciting alternative to simple black masking options. This collection of 60 drapes is made up of 15 White LED Constellations repeated four times, including Pegasus, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Ursa Major, and Orion. Because of their size these star drops are ideal for use in convention centers, sport arenas, sound stages and exhibit halls looking for an alternative to standard black masking drapery.

Fiber Optic Star Drops

If you’re seeking a twinkling starry sky or a dazzling array of shimmering colors—or both, really—then Fiber Optic Star Drops are what you’re looking for. We’ve been leading the industry in custom fabrication and rental of these star drops for over 30 years, and what we’ve learned is that just about anything is possible with Fiber Optic Star Drops. And, unlike LEDs, which produce bold, defined points of light, fiber optics generate crisp ones—with added density, too, as our fiber is about three times more dense than our LED drops.

Incandescent Star Drops

Designers who dream of producing a classic look and feel for backdrops and event spaces naturally gravitate towards our Incandescent Star Drops. That’s because these star drops use light bulbs instead of the modern options of fiber optics and LEDs. And, with 3 circuits of 6W bulbs at a density of one bulb per square foot, each of our Incandescent Star Drops line plays its part in giving off that warm, cozy light that we all find comfort in. Ideal for period themed parties looking for that right design element to top off the look. 

Any project challenging gravity is fun, so seeing the Star Drops suspended horizontally on the ceiling is dynamic and impressive. Watching our team during the installation process is almost as fascinating as seeing floating stars on the inside of a tent.
Ashley Brown, National Sales Director

White LED Star Drops

Bring the outside in with our incredible ShowLED Classic Star Drops. This awe-inspiring star drop helps designers bring a realistic bluish-white sparkle to an otherwise dull, black backdrop or ceiling—and with LEDs placed randomly on our Black 21 oz. DaVinci Velvet Plus curtains, no two star drops are alike. These star drops also put power in the hands of lighting operators, who can control the effects of the grouped LEDs with 8 different DMX channels, allowing them to choose between minimum and maximum intensity, chase speed, pattern type, and pattern behavior. And if a single color is what you need for your environment, that’s no problem at all, as we offer Classic LEDs in red, blue, yellow, green, and white.

RGB LED Star Drops

Who doesn’t love the option of choosing from a full spectrum of different colors and effects? With our RBG LED Star Drops and user-friendly Star Drop controller with LCD display, designers and lighting operators are able to rapidly make their most audacious visions a reality. Add in the Velcro® overlap feature on all of our LED Rental star drops, and you’re able to combine multiple drops together to shape a unique environment or a large backdrop. For anyone trying to create a truly special ambiance with varying colors and effects, then RBG LED Star Drops are what you’re looking for.

Still not sure which Dazian star drop line is right for your production?

If you’re intrigued by more than one of our star drop rental offerings, please don’t hesitate to reach out. As your trusted partner in creative fabric environments, Dazian is always here to guide you and identify which star drops will be the most effective in bringing your vision to life.



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