10 Steps to Planning an Unforgettable Event in Orlando

With its dizzying array of world-renowned theme parks, easy-going climate, and vibrant nightlife, Orlando is famed for its fun and merriment. That’s why “The City Beautiful” is the perfect setting to host an incredible event.

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Whether you’re an industry event planner or a corporate team member assigned to the role of party maestro, event planning in Florida doesn’t have to be a chore.  Orchestrating an event in Orlando of any magnitude is a task that requires advance planning and no small measure of focus. Like many, you may be working within the constraints of a tight budget and limited timeline. These factors present a fun challenge that, in the end, will turn you into a party-planning force to be reckoned with.


For some, the process of planning an event may be old hat, but there are always particulars to keep in mind. An event look & feel specific to your needs is ideal, but it needn’t be overly customized. With a little creative thinking, some event rental must-haves, and some assistance from the pros here at Dazian, you can build an unforgettable event in Orlando in no time. So, to get you started, here are 10 tasks for mapping out your Orlando event:

1. The Guest List

The Theme Park Capital of the World attracts some 60 million visitors each year, and not all of them are little kids with their families. You may be hosting a private awards ceremony exclusively for company members or a swanky soiree with a sophisticated vibe. Perhaps the occasion is a boring old trade show where everyone just wants to get out into the sun or an invite-only fundraising gala that captures the theme park magic of Orlando. Whoever will be in your crowd, you’ll want to cater to them and their specific tastes, especially in a unique environment like Orlando with its vacation vibe. Making sure that the venue will be accessible for all guests and their specific needs & interests are met with your event is a high priority to capture their attention.

2. Location

Orlando is host to a collection of world-class venues. The city boasts sunny beaches, unrivaled shopping and, of course, plenty of amusements to go around. But as Florida’s third-largest metropolitan area, you want to ensure that your guests will not have to go too far out of their way to partake in the merriment. It’s wise to take travel times into account when conducting your research, especially when traffic picks up around the parks. You’ll also want to determine the booking time-frame that your potential venues require, as you don’t want this information to come as a surprise. And, most certainly, you don’t want to overlap with popular travel times, like spring break. That will only cause your event-goers to have to pay for higher hotel and travel costs.

3. Atmospheric Details

You’ll want the vision of your unique event to complement the building and interiors. Some venues come as a blank canvas upon which you can paint your dreams with rental drapery and modular scenic elements; others have a few rules to abide by, such as union workers or permanent decor you must work with. Either way, sound and light will also have to be taken into consideration. Fortunately, both are easily managed with some simple masking fabrics.

4. Search and Research

Many venues offer virtual tours and online floor plans to aid clients in their decision-making process. You can make use of these for obvious purposes like determining the general look and feel of the raw event space. But you can also go beyond to consider any additional elements you will be employing for the big day, especially when local Orlando event rentals are ready and waiting for your event. A quick search on Dazian.com or chat with a sales rep, and you’ll discover the endless possibilities for transforming your space. For example, a magical LED star drop application can transform any room from everyday to elegant. If you will have small trade show booth presentations, or if you need a flat vertical surface for photo ops or to project a logo, a flatter surface will do the trick.

5. Budget

We totally understand that no one wants to break the bank. So, when you’ve listed all your expenses, consider where you want to really add an extra wow factor. Start small with simple event drapery rentals as an ideal way to transport guests into a different world. Pipe and drape is an affordable and flexible way to accomplish this, with a variety of styles, textures, and colors to choose from that will suit any event.

6. The Site Visit

Once you’ve honed in on a couple of venues you’re seriously considering, it’s ideal to pay a visit to each contender and walk the area with the venue’s event team manager. This is where things start to come together and you can really get a feel for the space. Perhaps what you’d perceived as a small corner of the room is actually spacious enough for an intimate VIP lounge that can be easily established with creative use of space or even demarcated with upscale drapery. Not local to Orlando and therefore not able to visit the site? No worries. That’s where event partners come in. Instead of you having to walk the site, you can find a Orlando partner to handle all of your planning, delivery, and set-up needs.

7. Get Inventive with Venue Photos

Two things to remember at your site visit: come armed with a list of questions, and leave with more pictures than you think you need. This will be useful after the visit is over and you have a moment to consider the options without outside influence. Some seasoned event planners and producers have been known to even take video on a site visit, if allowed. It’s not unheard of for them to post venue videos on social media outlets and get feedback from prospective guests. By capturing photos & videos ahead of time, you can get your team and guests excited ahead of time.

8. Book Your Venue

Whether you’re looking at a Disney venue, an eclectic spot like Pointe Orlando, a cultural gem such as the Orlando Museum of Art, or one of the many other fabulous spots around Orlando, at this point you have a good feel for your crowd, the vibe you’re trying to achieve, and how you want to transform your space with rental drapery and decor. Now, it will be helpful to know what else is included in your rental, like catering, AV services, and equipment, as well as security.

9. Design Your Space

The real fun begins when you have locked in your venue. Now is the perfect time to think about what’s going to happen at the space and add your portable infrastructure. Will there be entertainment? If so, the addition of a scenic backdrop of some variety is a nice touch. Maybe you’d like an upgrade from the classic black pipe and drape. Muslin, silk, and velvet are just a few alternative options to the standard. With Dazian’s experience and inventory, the possibilities are limitless.

10. Showtime!

This is where the magic comes alive as you take a stroll through your space accompanied by venue personnel and event partners. Be sure to have a thorough checklist to remind you of last-minute details, but rely on the event experts for how to ship, unload, and set up so you can look at the big picture. Watch as drapery and modular elements begin to shape your vision right before your eyes. There will be many things going on at once, but you can handle it. Just make sure to confirm your timeline for all vendors and information about end of event details! 

Remember: When you plan an event in Orlando, you have access to some of the most exciting venues in the world. But you don’t have to go far for your drapery & decor. Dazian has a location right in Orlando with all your event needs — both rental and custom.

At Dazian, our event expertise spans close to two hundred years, and our specialty is transforming your event venue into a space where your guests can step out of everyday life and into a realm of elegance, wonder, charm, and beyond. With budget-conscious options and supreme attention to detail, Dazian will assist in creating the backdrop for your event, which will live on in the memories of your guests long after the party has come to a close.

For more ideas on how to knock your event out of the park, contact a friendly and knowledgeable Dazian representative today. We’re your event partners here in Orlando!



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