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3 Point Shape H


3 Point Shape H

9 stock sizes. Available in White and standard hemmed borders with webbing/grommet corners.

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Price From: $50.00
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Quick Facts

Create Beautiful stage/ceiling treatments; 9 stock sizes available; Looks stunning with stage lighting; Available in white; 2 ply hemmed borders for strength; Standard webbing/grommet corners; Seamless up to 12'; Will stretch to size listed; Easy to care for, washable & wrinkle-free; Includes invisible line, storage bag, handling gloves & warranty card.



Choose from a variety of size options to suit your needs. The dimensions that are listed here are what the panel will stretch out to become. It’s what we call our “comfortable stretched dimensions.” This means that it’s not difficult to stretch the Panel into place. However, the Panel is tight enough to never be loose or floppy. Panels can also stretch a bit more or less about +/-10%.



We guarantee the brightest, crisp, white fabric on the market.



Flat Panel Sails are a fantastic solution for temporary or permanent backdrops, ceiling pieces, or interior design. They’re designed as captivating stand-alone pieces or can be coupled with LED wash lighting. Panels also work very well as an alternative surface for presenting video displays.



When you receive your Flat Panel Sail you will notice that it comes shipped about 25% smaller than the size you order. To install the Panel, apply tension to each of the corners and stretch it into place. The amount of tension needed per corner is variable with small Panels (0’-12’) requiring about 5 lbs per corner, medium Panels (>12’-20’) about 15 lbs per corner, and larger Panels (>20’) about 30 lbs per corner. Panels have sewn in rigging points on each corner. Included 60lb test invisible rigging line may be used for installation by tying it onto the rigging point and then tethering the Panel in mid-air or along a ceiling. As well, Panels may be anchored directly to a wall using screw eyes (not included).



All of Stretch Shape’s products are custom cut and made in America. Each Panel has a two-ply stretch hem border that runs around the entire perimeter. This adds stretch and durability to the Panel while embellishing its finished presence. Standard corners are great for heavy repeated use where ease of setup is desired. Every product is manufactured with exact precision and expertise.



We exclusively use premium Trapeze Plus® stretch fabric to create all of our products. It’s a 5.9oz. 90% IFR Polyester & 10% Spandex stain resistant fabric that has been engineered for safety, durability, and high performance stretch.



For all of our Flat Panel Sails, we include 100’ of invisible rigging line, a drawstring bag for storage*, a pair of handling gloves to prevent fingerprints, and a 3 year extended warranty card. The 3 year extended warranty is of no additional cost to you. All products are guaranteed against out of box material defects e.g. stains, rips, punctures or any other material defects. We also warranty our top quality workmanship in every step of the production process e.g. fabric cutting, surging, and sewing. We guarantee our seams will not come undone or tear and our corner mounts will last for the duration of the warranty (under normal wear and tear). *Entire order ships in a single storage bag


Custom Flat Panel Sails

Please fill out our Request a Quote form and provide as much specific detail as possible. Nearly any width flat panel sail is achievable. If the length or width of your flat panel sail is greater than 40’ however, the other dimension cannot be longer than 40’. We can create just about any geometric shape that you request. You can also custom print your flat panel sails. We can pantone match the color of your fabric to any pantone color through dye sublimation printing (there is an additional charge for dye sublimation printing). We can change the width of the double thick borders on Stretch Shapes flat panel sails. Unless otherwise requested, flat panel sails with both height and width less than 12’ are manufactured with a 2” hemmed border. Unless otherwise requested, flat panel sails with at least one dimension greater than 12’ are manufactured with a 4” hemmed border. Hemmed borders can be customized to be as wide as 24.” Rigging points (webbing tab with grommet) can be added anywhere along the border of your flat panel sail. Rigging points can be placed as close as 6” apart. Each additional rigging point adds $3.50 to the cost of your flat panel sail. The tension of your flat panel sail can be increased or decreased to accommodate your needs. This can be helpful in applications in which panels are being hung in a ceiling and minor drooping needs to be minimized (by increasing tension), or in applications in which rigging points can only handle minimal tension (and tension is thus decreased).



Spark your imagination with this collection of helpful images taken in house and by clients of Stretch Shapes. Please remember to email pictures of your completed setup to [email protected].



Trapeze Plus® stretch fabric is IFR or inherently flame retardant and passes B1, NFPA 701 Small Scale, CA 1237Sm, CAN/ULC S109-03 and ASTM E84 standards even after repeated machine washing. This means the flame proofing product is built into the fiber of the material (IFR) and not just sprayed on after production.



This is an In Stock item and will ship the same business day if ordered by 1 pm Pacific Time (4 pm EST). If the order is placed after that time it will ship the following business day. There is a chance orders will ship the following business day due to processing, if that occurs there will be communication. Please note that if an In Stock item is ordered with any other made to order item, it will all be held and shipped together according to the standard item’s dispatch schedule.

Additional Information

Fire spec: Inherently Flame Resistant
Fire Rating: B1, NFPA 701 Small Scale, CA 1237Sm, CAN/ULC S109-03 and ASTM E84
Content: 10% Spandex/90% IFR Polyester
Technical Info:

Flat Panels may get dirty, especially if they’re hung as a ceiling treatment where they are prone to collecting dust. They may be washed with detergent plus a non-bleach whitener like OxiClean® (for whites). Dry them in a standard dryer on low and they’ll come out looking like new while retaining their flame certification. They will always be wrinkle free due to the stretch material. Click here for more detailed care instructions.


To avoid smudges when setting up your stretch fabric product, always handle with nitrile gloves (included) or the equivalent. Larger Stretch Shapes stretch fabric products have the potential to touch the ground during installation. Take precautions to make sure your product never makes contact with the floor or other unclean surfaces. If you are concerned with your ability to keep the fabric off the floor at all times, purchase a roll of painter’s plastic or a tarp that you can lay down to protect the shape from making contact with the floor.


Stretch Shapes products are very easy to store correctly. Most of our products can fold down to a very small size. All of our products come with a plastic storage bag for short term storage. When storing your Stretch Shapes stretch fabric product, start by removing all hardware used for mounting (i.e. screws, line, eye hooks, etc.), as it may damage the fabric if stored in the same bag. Once all hardware is removed, neatly fold your product, place it in its storage bag, and store it indoors in a moisture-controlled space. When you’re ready to use your product again, take it out of the bag and stretch it out. Almost all wrinkles from storage will stretch out when your Stretch Shapes stretch fabric product is installed. If any wrinkles persist, simply put it in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes and it will come out wrinkle free.


Dust is the biggest enemy of permanently installed Stretch Shapes stretch fabric products. The easiest way to clean panels that are installed is to shake them off by batting them with some sort of wand. If the tension fabric has hand prints or light soiling, dab clean with a slightly moist rag and a small amount of clear soap. Pat dry with another towel to avoid discoloration or moisture rings. We have seen a variety of stains lifted from our products with relatively little effort. Our products are IFR and will retain flame retardant certification after cleaning.


When it’s time to deep clean your Stretch Shapes stretch fabric product, simply machine wash it on warm/cold cycle with detergent and OxiClean®. Tumble dry on low heat (be conscious of the fact that the fabric will dry very quickly). Your product will generally return to like-new condition after laundering. Our products are IFR and will retain flame retardant certification after cleaning.

Ordering Information

Unless defective, if opened and used, product returns will be handled on a case-by-case basis. This applies to all products on our website that are available for purchase. All damaged or defective merchandise returns are subject to inspection at a Dazian facility before a credit will be issued. Dazian will absorb the cost of return shipping for damage/defective merchandise returns. All accommodation returns (non-defective merchandise) must be pre-paid by the customer. Any damage incurred by the shipping carrier must be received and so noted on the bill of lading. Please e-mail us pictures to [email protected] with a signed copy of the damage noted on the Bill of Lading, so that we may process your return. Once approved, Dazian will issue a call tag with the respective freight carrier to pick up the merchandise. The freight carrier will pick up from the customer’s location, but the customer must be present at the time of pick up



Returns are not accepted after 30 days of shipping date. Returns are not accepted for cut fabric or partial fabric rolls, custom/special orders for fabric or fabrication orders. Restocking Charge: A 25% restocking charge will be deducted on all accommodation returns (non-defective merchandise). A credit will be issued based on the invoice price, excluding shipping and handling, less the 25% restocking fee. All accommodation returns due to incorrect size, color, quantity, duplicate order, not as pictured or described, must be pre-paid by the customer. Once approved Dazian will issue a call tag for merchandise pick up.



All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Website prices are the most current prices and should be considered correct.



We require a 50% deposit on all custom and special orders.



All stock items are subject to availability and may be discontinued without notice.



All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Website prices are the most current prices and should be considered correct.



Terms: PayPal, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Credit cards will be charged at time of purchase, including deposits on special orders.
Sales Tax: Applicable sales tax will be charged unless a valid resale or tax exempt certificate is received or on file when your order is placed.
Re-Sale Certificates: Please call 1-877-232-9426 and speak to a sales representative to properly process your re-sale certificate request. Re-sale certificates cannot be accepted online.



F.O.B. Point: Our F.O.B. points are our warehouses in NJ, FL and CA, unless otherwise specified.
Shipping Charges: Our selling prices do not include shipping charges, unless otherwise specified. All shipping will be charged to the customer, based on their order at check out.



Web Sales are shipped via UPS for orders less than 300 lbs. and 108” x 14’ x 14’ gross dimensions. Packages over these dimensions will be shipped via “Old Dominion Freight”. Shipping charges will be added at check out. Cut fabric and samples less than 25 yards may be folded for shipping. Unless otherwise specified, we will ship your order UPS Ground. We will make every effort to accommodate the carrier of your choice, but cannot be responsible for their delivery or performance.

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